Three Stylish Round Rug Designs

A round rug can be a good addition to many areas of your home. Many people place a large round rug in their living room, but it can also work well in a foyer, a bathroom, and several other spots. When you browse these circular rugs at a local store or online, you'll notice that many of them have simple designs. This may suit you, but you may also wish to consider a round rug that has more of a vibrant look.

There are lots of examples on the market, so you'll be able to find a style that works well in your home. Here are three stylish round rug designs that you may see:


Many round rugs have a spiral design, commonly featuring two or more colors that wind their way around the rug's center point. These rugs have somewhat of a mesmerizing look, which can make them work well in a room where you want to have an eclectic style.

You'll see some spiral rugs that feature two colors — black and white or blue and white, for example — while others involve more colors that can offer more visual vibrancy. Occasionally, you'll see a spiral rug that is only one color, with different textures in the material creating a spiral design.


Flowers are common on all sorts of rugs, but you can expect to see a significant number of floral designs when you browse a selection of round rugs. This type of rug features the center of the flower in the middle of the rug, with petals extending outward.

Some flower rugs depict actual flowers, and it can be fun to choose a design that pays tribute to a flower you particularly love. Others have flower designs that aren't necessarily found in nature, but can still offer a fun and colorful look in your home.


You've perhaps seen depictions of circular mandalas on various things, including framed art, clothing, and more. Some rug stores have round rugs that feature mandala designs, which can be appealing to anyone who likes this design that often has a spiritual theme.

Mandalas can vary a lot in design, but they all feature various geometrical shapes that can be appealing to look at. You might find that having one of these round rugs in a home office can offer a sophisticated and calming vibe.

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