Keeping Your Turquoise Jewelry In Good Condition

If you own turquoise jewelry, you will want to be sure that you are following the appropriate practices for caring for it. This can minimize the wear that it may suffer so that the jewelry will remain in good condition for many years. 

Remove Your Turquoise Jewelry Before Cleaning Your Home

A common mistake that people may make with their jewelry pieces can be wearing them while they are cleaning the interior of their house. In addition to increasing the risk of these jewelry items being scratched, this could also expose them to very harsh cleaning substances.  These substances will be able to severely degrade both the turquoise as well as the metal that was used with it. Unfortunately, this could ruin the appearance of the jewelry, and it may not be able to fully restore its appearance. By simply removing these jewelry items, you can easily avoid these risks.  

Be Mindful Of The Area Where You Are Storing Your Turquoise Jewelry

The area where you are storing the jewelry is another important factor. You will want to be confident that you are keeping the jewelry in an area where it will be safe from some of the more common types of damage that could occur while it is stored. In particular, you may want to keep these jewelry pieces in a separate compartment so that there will not be a risk of other items scratching the turquoise. This is especially important if there are diamond jewelry pieces in the container as they will be able to cause very deep cracks to form in the gem.

Use A Professional Service When Your Jewelry Needs To Be Cleaned

Eventually, you will need to clean your jewelry in order to make sure that it retains an attractive shine. Unfortunately, individuals that attempt to clean their jewelry on their own may find that it is easy to cause severe damage to these pieces. In extreme cases, individuals may use the wrong type of cleaning agent, which could cause severe damage to the stone. A less severe issue could be using a cleaning product that leaves a sticky residue on the jewelry. This could lead to the jewelry rapidly becoming dirty again. Luckily, a professional jewelry cleaning service will be an affordable solution for having this important work done to your jewelry pieces. They will have advanced tools that can allow them to efficiently and safely remove the dirt and grime that might be wedged in small crevices.

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