Wear A Sideways Cross For More Variety

You may have noticed that more jewelry uses sideways symbols that are connected to a chain at what would normally be the top and bottom ends, instead of having the symbol as a pendant hanging down off a chain. This style is used for crosses, hamsas, birds (with the chain connecting at the beak and the tailfeathers), and other symbols. Putting these symbols sideways does not have a special meaning; it's a fashion choice and one that makes the symbol and jewelry all that more versatile. While things like crosses in the traditional hanging-down pendant style can be beautiful, a sideways cross gives you more options.

Less Chance of the Charm Randomly Poking You

If you are thinking of getting a bracelet, you definitely need a sideways symbol, and if it's a cross, the chain or bracelet band should be attached to what would normally be the top and bottom of the cross. If you have the band or chain attached to the two short side arms, then the top and bottom portions can randomly poke you as the charm and bracelet move. The extra weight of that long arm may not seem like much, but it can be enough to tilt the cross so that it's no longer level. If the cross is on top of your arm and you hit the bracelet on something, the long arm could scrape your skin. If the bracelet has moved so that the cross is under your arm and you place your arm on something, the shorter top of the cross could still poke your arm. A sideways cross charm can, of course, also tilt. But the shorter arms are less likely to weigh one side of the cross down that much, resulting in fewer random pokes.

More Streamlined Design

With the long arm of the cross in line with the chain or band, if this is a necklace or bracelet, the design looks a lot more streamlined. If you want the cross to stand out, get a pendant that hangs down. But if you prefer, say, a necklace where the cross is visible but not as noticeable, a sideways cross works very well. And even if you prefer to wear a cross necklace so that the cross is right side up, the way the cross is connected allows you to do that.

Display the Cross in Different Ways

So you are interested in finding a sideways cross necklace but want the option of displaying the cross top side up? Simple. Move the chain so that the cross is to one side. Want to wear the cross right side up but on the other side? Take the necklace off, switch which side of the chain is in which hand, and put it back on. It's that simple. You can move the cross charm from side to side and display it at any point along where the chain would lie. You can display it only one way with a traditional charm that hangs down as a pendant.

You can find sideways crosses in any size and metal color, as well as enameled and other styles. Look for ones lined with tiny diamonds for an understated but glittery look, or choose another gem if you prefer; you can find these with many options. 

For more information, contact a local jewelry store that has diamond gold sideways cross bracelets

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