Have A Sweet Tooth? Satisfy It With These Chocolate Truffles

For those who enjoy the flavor of chocolate, truffles can often be a favorite sweet treat. The combination of soft chocolate ganache in the center and a slightly harder chocolate exterior make for a satisfying bite. Many people are accustomed to plain truffles, but it never hurts to look for other options that you'll enjoy. A visit to a local chocolate shop or some time spent browsing a chocolate shop's website will introduce you to a number of chocolate truffles that may appeal to you. Here are some different varieties that you might want to order for when you crave something sweet.

Rolled Truffles

If you are used to a smooth, chocolate exterior on your truffles, it can be fun to branch out and try rolled truffles. This term describes truffles that are rolled in different substances. Commonly, you'll find them rolled in cocoa powder, which can create a deeper chocolate flavor. There are many other ingredients that you will encounter on the exterior of the truffles. Some truffles are rolled in small chunks of nuts, which adds a crunch to each bite. If you enjoy the flavor and texture of coconut, look for truffles that have been rolled in toasted coconut shavings. Another option is sea salt, which can be appealing to those who enjoy salty and sweet flavors together.

Ice Wine Truffles

Many people enjoy sipping ice wine after a meal. This sweet beverage can be appealing when it is chilled and served in a wine glass, but it can also be enjoyable as part of a truffle. Another type of chocolate truffle that you can often find is a variety that combines ice wine with chocolate. The result is a type of truffle that is quite sweet and has a different flavor than a conventional truffle. This can be a sweet treat that you might enjoy serving your guests after dinner is over.

Vegan Truffles

If you follow a vegan diet, conventional chocolate truffles may be off-limits to you because they typically contain heavy cream. Fortunately, there are products that you can eat without straying from your dietary guidelines. Many retailers sell vegan chocolate truffles, which use other creamy ingredients as an alternative to cream. In many cases, you'll find vegan truffles that have coconut milk in them, as this vegan-safe ingredient provides the high-fat content that is necessary for the truffle to have the right consistency.

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