3 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Men's Gold Nugget Bracelet

A 14k gold men's nugget bracelet is a stylish statement piece that can enhance just about any jewelry collection. However, not every bracelet is meant for every guy. To make sure you choose the right bracelet for the guy in your life, learn about some of the things you should keep in mind as you shop.

1. Size Matters

Always remember that the size of the bracelet matters. When it comes to a gold nugget bracelet, size is a reference to the width of the bracelets. For example, there are slender bracelets that measure around 7.5 inches in width and then there are thicker bracelets that measure 10 inches, or more.  The size of the bracelet should be based on the personal style of the person you are purchasing it for. For instance, if the person is more conservative or works at a job with a strict dress code, a thinner bracelet may be a better option as its more subtle or conservative. 

2. Personalization

Think about whether or not you want to include a special message on the bracelet. Some nugget bracelets have engraving blocks on them, which is basically a smooth surface on the bracelet. On the engraving block, you can put everything from the person's initials to a special message. If you think you want to include engravement, it is best to choose this type of bracelet. Given the texture of the bracelet, it will be hard to add a message to a bracelet that does not already have an engraving block. 

3. Texture

Another factor to consider when it comes to a gold nugget bracelet is the texture of the bracelet. Nugget bracelets are distinct because of their raised or ridged texture, but they are not all the same. The texture of some nugget bracelets is more on the rough side, and then there are some that have the raised nugget design but are smoother to the touch. It is always a good idea to consider the lifestyle of the person you are purchasing the bracelet for. For example, if the person has more of an active lifestyle, you may want to choose a bracelet with a smoother finish, as a bracelet with a more rigid texture is more likely to snag and catch on nearby objects.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can make the shopping process easier and ensure you find a bracelet that your special love one will cherish for years to come. 

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