Are You Decorating Your Child's Room With A Beach Theme?

If you are decorating your child's room with a beach theme, you must love the beach. Maybe the beach is where your family heads for a day out every chance you get. No matter the scenario, if you have chosen a beach theme for your child's bedroom, you are in for some truly fun shopping. From buying kid's shark toy pillows to buying other beach-related decorating items, here are some ideas that might help you to design a unique and fun bedroom for your son or daughter.

Start With A Kid's Shark Toy Pillow -- In fact, start with numerous kid's shark toy pillows and make them the focal point of your decorating. A pillow with a shark's mouth wide open as a throw pillow on your child's bed would be a good place to start. Then purchase additional ones to put on the floor. For example, a large shark pillow would act as a perfect pillow when your child wants to read while reclining on his or her bean bag.

The great thing about decorating with shark pillows is that they come in so many sizes and styles that you'll be able to decorate with lots of them. The fact that they're super affordable makes your purchases even better. Add some pizzaz by also having mermaid pillows for your little girl or pirate pillows for your little boy.  Assorted fish throw pillows would be fun additions, too.

Additional Beach Decor -- Think of having a large fisherman's net on one of the walls in your child's bedroom. Besides helping to establish the beach theme you want, the net will also be a great place to keep toys that are not in use.

Buy a bedspread the color of things found at the beach. For example, a coral-colored bedspread would represent the color of a setting sun. A tan bedspread would represent sand, and it would be a great backdrop for the shark pillows.

Buy a beach-themed area rug, too. Don't forget things like sailboats and lighthouses. For example, lighthouse lamps would add to the beach feeling you want. Assorted sailboats on a floor-to-ceiling shelf would be great, too. Including paintings or photographs of different kinds of colorful fish is another fun idea. Don't forget to stencil the walls with beach related sayings. For example, the familiar, ​"I'd Rather Be At The Beach" is just one example of a beach-themed wall stencil. 

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