Are You Shopping For Unique Gifts For Your Girl Friend's Birthday?

Do you have a girl friend that is exactly that—a friend with no romantic strings attached? If so, count yourself a very lucky guy. It's just plain fun to pal around with somebody who isn't expecting a good night kiss when you really don't want to give it, or who might want to hold hands just because you're buddies and you're having a good time together. Now that her birthday is coming up, you might be wanting to shop for something special and unique that nobody else will think to give her. If you already know what you want to purchase, you're all set. However, if you're looking for ideas, here are some ideas that might help.

Buy A Unique Hat - Your girl friend might be a trucker herself, or she might just like riding in your truck when you go places together. Even if neither of you drives a truck, if you are looking for a unique gift to give your girl friend on her special day, consider giving her a trucker hat, like a Tanned and Tipsy women's trucker hat. If you are going to order it online, be sure to do it in plenty of time so that it will arrive in time for you to give it to her on her birthday. The size is not a big deal because trucker hats are adjustable. 

You can choose from two-toned hats in colors like green, dark gray, black, camouflage fabric and denim. Or, if you want an extra snazzy design, choose a turquoise trucker hat with a cute sun as part of the hat's design. Choose a bright pink hat for a more feminine touch. All of the designs are great looking, so you really can't go wrong on the one you select.

Plan A Special Event - Think of planning something special as an additional birthday gift. For example, plan a picnic in your truck or in somebody else's truck (somebody who trusts you enough to lend you his or her truck). Go to her favorite spot for your picnic and plan a great meal. For example, if your girl friend loves steaks, pack a hibachi along with the food so that you can grill steaks on a beach or in another favorite spot. 

Don't forget to give the birthday girl a card. Includes words of appreciation for your good friend who adds something special to your life.

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