What To Buy Your 12 Year Old Nephew For His Birthday

Having a nephew is a great way to get the joys of parenting without actually having to parent. Basically, you get to spend the day enjoying fun things with them, but you get to take them home so their parents can put them to bed and do all of the hard stuff. If you have a nephew who is around the age of twelve and you aren't sure what to gift them, make sure that you read this article. 

Joke Gift Ideas

Pre-teen and teenage boys love nothing more than playing jokes and pranks on other kids or even their parents. If you really want to get into the good graces of your nephew on his birthday, then consider some of these joke gift ideas

Woopy Cushion: Boys love farts. Fart jokes, fake farts, and fart pranks are at the top of the list when it comes to things that make them laugh. Why not gift them a whoopie cushion that they can use in their classroom, at the dinner table, or on their friends when they come over to their house. 

Fly Ice Cube: Nothing is more concerning that going to get a glass of water and finding that there is a fly in your ice cube. Give your nephew a joke gift like a fly ice cube which is a fake ice cube that has an artificial fly in it; it's sure to get some good laughs. 


One thing that's luckily never going to go out of style is the skateboard. If your nephew is a daredevil and has never been on a skateboard, you can change their life with a new deck and some wheels. Or, if your nephew is already into skateboarding then gifting them with a new one is sure to get you in their good graces. 

Video Game

Is your nephew a video gamer? Do they enjoy playing just about anything? Why not gift them with a new video game? Just make sure that you run it past their parents first to make sure that it's age-appropriate. 

Joke gifts, skateboards, and video games are just three fun gift ideas that you can gift your nephew for his birthday this year. Remember that although gift cards are always a feasible option, getting them something a little more personalized is really the way that you want to go. To learn more about these and other gift ideas, search online for specialty stores near you.  

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