A Useful Guide When Purchasing Safety Glasses

If you work in an industrial environment, it's imperative to protect your eyes. There may be particles circulating in the air, after all, and you don't want to damage your eyes. There's no better way to protect your eyes than with safety glasses, and you can select the right type by considering this guide.

Lens Material 

One of the most important attributes you need to assess regarding safety glasses is the lens material. There are many you can choose from today, including acrylic, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and optical glass. 

Acrylic lenses are coveted because of their lightweight design. They won't cause your safety glasses to weigh down your head or make them uncomfortable to wear. It's also a material that's resistant to different chemicals. Polycarbonate is also lightweight and exceptional at protecting your eyes from UV rays. If you're looking for a scratch-resistant design, you might want to consider optical glass. 


For your safety glasses to work out long-term, you need to choose a pair with the right application. Otherwise, they will not last and could actually leave your eyes susceptible to damage. Some common application categories you can choose from include chemical, temperature, mechanical, and radiation. 

To choose the right category, you need to think about the potential dangers that your job exposes you to. For example, if you work with toxic chemicals on a daily basis, you'll obviously need chemical-resistant safety glasses. Or if you're surrounded by hot liquids, you'll need safety glasses intended for extreme temperatures.


You can select from a wide variety of coating types for your safety glasses. For instance, if you plan on putting your safety glasses through a lot of abuse, it's a good idea to choose a harder coating. This way, your glasses won't easily damage or scratch.

Another coating type you might consider is one with an anti-fog design. No matter how humid the environment is or how sweaty you get, your safety glasses will not fog up and affect your vision in the slightest. Or, if durability is not much of an issue, you can choose softer coatings that won't cost as much. 

When it comes to protecting your eyes, you need safety glasses. Although there are many different types to choose from, finding the right pair doesn't have to be that complex if you assess the right attributes. Focus on specs and features that will impact your daily operations the most.

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