6 Random Summer Holidays You Can Dress Your Baby Up For

The summer is filled with big holidays like Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day, but there are also a number of obscure holidays that people love to celebrate. There's nothing wrong with adding a little extra holiday celebration during the summer, and there are six random holidays where you can do this. As you plan each holiday celebration, you can choose various costumes to dress your baby up as. It's a great way to celebrate, take memorable pictures, and create new family traditions that are celebrated for many years to come.

Christmas in July – July 25th

Instead of waiting all the way until December, many people decide to celebrate the festivities of Christmas in the middle of summer. Christmas in July is a fun celebration that showcases holiday traditions with a summer theme. The holiday is typically celebrated on July 25th, although local areas may spread it around through different times of the month. When planning this celebration, you can dress your infant in a number of costumes including Santa Claus, reindeer, or elf designs. A snowman costume design would make a fun contrast to the summer sun and heat.

National Tooth Fairy Day – August 22nd

Celebrate the mystical creature known as the tooth fairy with National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22. Before your baby even has teeth, the holiday is a fun way to celebrate the world of a tooth fairy. While shopping for costumes, one of the basic designs you can select from is a fairy costume. This includes a dress, skirt, or small accessories like a tiara. You can also dress your child up like a big tooth. If you have multiple children, then you can dress them up in multiple costumes to help go with the whole theme and create matching designs.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day – July 10th

One of the main summer holidays catered towards young children is Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Held on July 10th each year, the day is a great time to head outside with stuffed animals and have a festive picnic. Get your baby into the holiday spirit with a number of costume ideas. A teddy bear or doll costume can help your baby blend right in with other stuffed animals. Posing the baby with a large collection of stuffed animals is a great way to capture fun pictures and create a memorable celebration.

Cow Appreciation Day – July 15th

Enjoy a fresh glass of milk or some cheese with the celebration of Cow Appreciation Day. This is a fun day to celebrate cows and other farm animals. It will look really cute to dress your baby up as a small cow or even a bull. When celebrating with other children, you can mix in other costumes like chickens, goats, or pigs. This is great for group gatherings or large family photos.

Amelia Earhart Day & Aviation Day – July 24th and August 22nd

There are two airplane-related holidays that you can celebrate in the summer. July 24th is the birthday of famous pilot Amelia Earhart and is often celebrated as Amelia Earhart Day. About a month later, the whole world of aviation is celebrated with Aviation Day. Both of these holidays can be celebrated with various costume designs for your infant. This includes a vintage pilot costume similar to Earhart, a modern pilot costume, or a small plane costume that fits over your child. You can also take the theme one step further with various sky costume ideas. For example, you can dress your baby up like a cloud.

When choosing costumes, you want something that reflects the theme of the holiday and also is comfortable for your child. For more infant costume ideas, check out companies like Easley's Fun Shop.

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