4 Unique Ways To Gift Children With Silver Coins

Gifting silver coins to children is a great way to teach them about money, investing, and the value of precious metals. Instead of just giving a child a coin, you can combine the gift with a number of other ideas to create a memorable present that the child will cherish. Once you figure out what type of coin gift you want to give a child, you can determine the best types of silver coins that will go with the gift. Check out the following four gift ideas before you buy silver coins and then make the whole gift complete with a coin purchase.

Mystery Puzzle Boxes

Instead of just wrapping up a silver coin, you can make the coin retrieval a fun puzzle and game. There are a variety of mystery puzzle boxes that you can hide a silver coin in. These puzzle boxes include different methods for figuring out their secrets and getting them open to retrieve the gift.

For example, you can purchase the wooden puzzle box. The box is crafted with a variety of wood pieces and appears unable to open. A child must turn and play around with the box to determine how to access a secret compartment with the coin inside. Another example of a mystery box is a maze puzzle box. The only way for the child to open the box is by moving a small ball around a maze. Once the ball reaches the end of the maze, the box is activated and the coin can be achieved.

Fairy & Gnome Treasures

A lot of children love the imaginative play that comes with small mystical creatures like fairies and gnomes. Create some additional fun by having those creatures provide a silver coin for a child. For example, you may have a fairy garden set up in your yard. There are multiple places around the garden where the coin can be placed. This includes under small fairy furniture, behind a small fairy door, or inside of a little fairy house that is set up for the figures and creatures.

Once you select the location for the silver coin, you can add some more entertainment to it. Sprinkle some glitter around the area to give the appearance of fairy dust. Write a small letter from the fairy that explains the importance of the coin. Not only is this a fun way to gift the coins, but it can become an annual tradition and game to find where the coins are hidden.

Tooth Fairy Prizes

In keeping up with the fairy theme, you can turn a lost tooth into a great prize like a silver coin. Instead of giving traditional dollars or coins, a collectible silver coin will add an extra element to the process. As each tooth is lost, the collection will build and create a nice set of coins for the child. The type of silver coin that the child receives can depend on what tooth is lost. Small coins can be given for early teeth and then the size or value can increase as more teeth are lost. Give the child a nice case to collect the coins in for each time they lose a tooth.

Investment Tracking

For older children, you can use a silver coin gift as a great tool for learning the value of metals and how saving items can increase that value over longer periods of time. When you give a child a coin, you can package it with a grid-style dry-erase board and some markers. This board can be used to showcase the value of silver and how it changes on a weekly or daily basis. By using these charts, children can have fun seeing how much their coins are worth and the growth that occurs overtime. By introducing your child to silver value tracking websites, they can start the chart and learn how to calculate different rates.

Once you have a gift idea, it's easy to find all types of coins based on historical figures, pop-culture, or coins from all around the world. For more information about buying silver coins, contact a company like American Precious Metals Inc

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