There's No Reason To Huff And Puff About Smoking Bans With The Help Of These Tips

The introduction of smoking bans in public places across the United States has skyrocketed in the last few years, making it inconvenient to snag a smoke break before a movie, while in the park, or during a busy day of running errands. If you're like most smokers, you likely understand the interest in keeping public places smoke-free. But that understanding doesn't make the situation any more convenient for you while you're on the go. Using the following tips and tricks, you should find your time spent in areas with smoking bans a little more pleasurable and less inconvenient:

Invest in an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes because they're cost effective, they come in a variety of flavor options, and they may be permitted where traditional cigarettes aren't, depending on the specific location. These alternatives offer all the satisfaction of smoking without leaving behind an annoying smoke trail or lingering smell that is associated with traditional cigarettes. It's important to ask a manager or security guard of the public space you are visiting whether or not electronic cigarettes are permitted before lighting up.

Carry Nicotine-Infused Chewing Gum

Although you may not be trying to quit smoking for good, it may be helpful to carry some nicotine-infused chewing gum in your pocket in case you find yourself in a position where you can't smoke and you need to relieve some stress. Just pop a piece of gum in your mouth and chew it according to the package directions in order to get rid of your cigarette cravings in places where you can't smoke.

You might even end up smoking less cigarettes on a daily basis, which is always good for your wallet and your body. Nicotine gum comes in both regular and mint flavors and can be purchased in bulk to save money, or in small packs if you don't plan on using it very often.

Make an Alternative Plan

Another great way to get through the feelings of inconvenience when you can't smoke is to keep a list with you that highlights some things you can do instead of smoke. When making your alternative plan list, consider all of the different environments you tend to find yourself in where smoking is not permitted. You can then separate your list into sections based on those environmental considerations so that your alternative ideas can actually be applied in any of the potential situations you find yourself in. Here are some examples you may be able to implement yourself:

  • At Parks, Transit Centers, and on Streets: Find a suitable area to walk a few laps; look for birds and document their attributes.
  • In Front of Stores, Libraries, and Buildings: Read a good book; try your hand at writing a poem; make a personal game of people watching.
  • At a Party or Other Public Event: Get to know someone new; volunteer to pour drinks or help in the kitchen.

The idea is to imagine all of the public situations you may find yourself in that won't allow you the opportunity to light up, and then come up with at least two alternative ideas of how you can spend your time to take your mind off of not being able to smoke. This should get you through until you're in the privacy of your own space and you can smoke again – you'll also being giving yourself an opportunity to have an experience that you wouldn't have had if you were spending your time smoking.

These ideas can be used in conjunction with one another to gain the stress relief and relaxation benefits that you're looking for when you don't have an opportunity to have a smoke. For more information about electronic cigarettes, consider websites like

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