How You Can Make Your Child's Birthday Fun & Safe with a Bounce House Rental

Renting an inflatable bounce house for your child's birthday party can provide excitement, fun, and healthy exercise for your child and their friends during the party. Here are some things you can do to make sure your bounce house rental is a safe activity for your child's birthday party.

Confirm Insurance & Inspections

Before the birthday party, check your homeowner's insurance coverage to make sure it is covered because most home owner's insurance excludes coverage of bounce house rentals. Although you can take every prevention to make sure the bounce houses are safe, children will be jumping around inside them and can still get injured as a result. If your insurance does not cover this type of rental, ask your insurance agent about purchasing a "special event coverage". This will cover any injuries that may occur in a bounce house during the birthday party.

Before you sign a rental agreement, remember to ask the bounce house business owner to see their inspection records or have them confirm when their bounce houses were last inspected. Also, more importantly, ask to see the company's certificate of insurance to make sure they are legally insured against any injury claims. If they cannot show you their insurance certificate, there is a chance they don't have insurance and you should think about renting from another business. 

Set & Enforce Party Rules

If you expect children of varying ages to be at your child's birthday party, you may want to consider not allowing older and younger children to mix inside a bounce house. It may be a good idea to rent two bounce houses; one bounce house for children ages six and under, and the other for children age seven and older. This is helpful as children ages six and under can have less balance and coordination, causing them to fall. 

To make sure the children at your birthday party enjoy the bounce house in safety, assign one or two adults to each bounce house to help enforce the rules to make sure the children stay safe. It is important to monitor the number of children in each bounce house to prevent crowding, and also prohibit flipping and other aggressive play inside the bounce house. Make sure any children who enter a bounce house remove their shoes, glasses, and any jewelry or other sharp items. It may be a good idea to supply rubber-tread socks at the entrance to the bounce house to help children keep their balance while they are bouncing. Regular socks can be slippery on the rubber surface.

Follow Wind Safety Precautions

As the rental company is installing the bounce houses for your child's birthday party, make sure they anchor them into the ground. The ground anchors are what can keep a bounce house from being picked up in a strong gust of wind. Safety consultants for bounce house safety usually recommend to use 30 to 40-inch heavy-duty metal stakes to anchor a bounce house to the ground.

Watch the weather forecast for the day of your child's party to make sure wind is not expected. But, if winds do pick up during the party, be ready to take action. Bounce house manufacturers recommend getting any children out of a bounce house and deflating it if wind speeds reach 20 mph.

A good rule of thumb to measure when winds have become too strong for safe bounce house use is when your pants begin to flap like a flag in the wind. A more conservative safety tip recommends discontinuing use of a bounce house when the winds raise dust and loose paper, or small tree branches start to move.

Use these tips to help you have a safe and fun bounce house rental. For more assistance, contact companies like White Bear Rental.

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