5 Types Of Wind Chimes Ideal For A Fairy Garden

Building a fairy garden is a great whimsical decoration for the exterior of your home. Along with miniature pieces of furniture and designs for your fairies, you can add some sound to the area with a wind chime. The whimsical sound of a wind chime can represent the flying fairies and all of the magical imagination that comes with them. As you plan your fairy garden, there are five types of unique wind chimes you can choose from to encompass the fairy design. Each type of chime as different features that cater to the fairy theme. Browse through to see what type of chime would fit perfectly into your fairy garden.

Natural Wind Chimes

A lot of fairy gardens are built and created with natural elements including pieces of wood, sticks, and various plants. Keep this theme going by choosing a wind chime that is made with natural elements. Instead of featuring metal chimes, a natural wind chime typically uses hollow bamboo. This can create a unique sound as the wind blows and creates a hollow drum-like sound.

Bamboo designs come in a number of styles, often featuring the natural wood color to help blend into your fairy garden. The chimes can be positioned in a circular or horizontal pattern to create all types of different sounds.

Animal Wind Chimes

Fairies are often associated with nature and a variety of animals. Represent this ideal by purchasing a wind chime featuring an animal design. There are multiple options when choosing an animal wind chime. The animal design can featured as the top anchor point where the chimes hang off of. Animal shapes can also be used as accents on the wind chime. For example, a variety of butterfly designs can hang near the chimes and lightly clang into them.

The third animal wind chime design option you have is a hollowed out animal design. This type of design features a large animal with hidden chimes on the inside. For example, you could feature a large hanging frog with chimes on the inside.

Recycled Wind Chimes

In many pieces of literature and folklore, fairies are used to help protect nature and keep the Earth running smoothly. Help showcase the protection of nature by purchasing a wind chime that is made of completely recycled products. These recycled materials can be changed dramatically into a beautiful wind chime. For example, there are many chimes available that have crafted from the plastic used in soda and juice bottles. This gives you a variety of color and design options for your fairy garden.

As you shop online, look through the various product descriptions to see what types of recycled products are used to create the chime. This can help inspire you to use recycled products of your own for various parts of the fairy garden.

Garden Bell Wind Chimes

A majority of wind chimes have to be hung up. When creating a fairy garden, much of the design is placed on the base of the ground. To help accommodate the design, you can purchase a garden bell wind chime. These types of chimes feature a solid base, like a rock, where the chimes are suspended in air through the use of flexible metal rods. When the wind blows, the rods move through the air and hit the chimes together. This is a great way to infuse the natural sounds of a wind chime while allowing it to blend into the fairy garden design.

Fairy Designs

One of the more simple designs you can purchase for your fairy garden is a fairy wind chime. The top of these chimes feature an intricate fairy statue. You can select from a variety of fairies based on the type of garden you are creating. For example, you can select a natural fairy that is sitting among flowers and other plants. You can also select from a more mystical fairy design that showcases fairy dust, dragons, and other elements.

It's a good idea to plan out your fairy garden design at the same time as you are selecting a wind chime. It can help you match themes and design elements.

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